Three Production Companies and their Producers joined together to finance and make the film: Karen Wong of RNR Media, who was also the Line Producer; Victor Martinez Aja and Robert Murphy of Aja Entertainment, and Carla Jones, Carolyn Combs and Michael Springate of Commercial Drive Productions. Executive Producers are Carmen Aguirre and Tony Nardi. Associate Producers are Lynne Carrow and Brianna Girdler

Producers Rob Murphy and Victor Martinez Aja of Aja Entertainment
Producers Carla Jones, Michael Springate and Carolyn Combs of Commercial Drive Productions
Producer Karen Wong of RNR Media on set

Director: Carolyn Combs  Screenplay: Michael Springate with Carolyn Combs and Jeremy Waller, Cinematography: Andrew Forbes, Casting: Lynne Carrow, Production Design: Roman Hlywa, Costume Design: Marilyn Morley with Chantal Short and Kate Pierre.

On set at Pallet Coffee Roasters

Music and Sound Supervision: Randy Raine-Reusch, Music composition: Gord Grdina, Tiffany Moses, Chris Roberts, Ari Snyder and Alfredo Santa Ana.

Gregorio Gomez and Christian Lai

Post-production Supervisor: Ken Hayward, Editing: Carolyn Combs, Additional Editing: Fabiola Caraza; Assistant Editor: Clark N. Henderson, Post-production Houses: Side Street Post & VFX, Sharpe Sound Studios Inc., RootChord Sound, Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios Ltd.

In the light, Alison Denham with Tatiana Antinossi

Produced with the support of Telefilm Canada and the BC Arts Council. Sincere thanks also to Sim Digital, Willaim F. White and Side Street Post.

Members of the cast and crew at the Theatrical Premiere

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